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Collection: Smith Atlas Collection

Alternative Title: [Alternative title] A General Map of Great Britain and Ireland with part of Holland Flandres, France &c. Agreable to Modern History By the Heirs of late Mr. Homann, at Nuremberg, 1749. Priviledged by Emperours Majesty.; Inset map of Shetland Islands titled: "Insulae Schetlandicae"

Barcode: 4116

Creator: Homann Erben (Firm), Homann, Johann Baptist, 1663-1724, Danckerts, Theodore (1663 -1727)

Date Produced: 1749

Date Published: 1749

Printing Technique: Copper

Notes: 00/00/1749 - inscribed on map

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/4116.0284c