Typus Orbis Terrarum

Collection: Smith Sheet Map Collection

Title: Typus Orbis Terrarum

Title Translation: Map of the World

Barcode: 1697

Creator: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527 -1598

Publisher: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527 -1598

Publishing Location: Antwerp

Region Depicted: World

Date Produced: 1612

Date Published: 1612

Language: Latin

Historical Context: Abraham Ortelius?s world map was part of a bound volume of maps titled Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, [Theater of the World], now considered the first world atlas. Extending through thirty-three editions and translated into six languages, Terrarum influenced European ideas about world geography in general, and ideas about the Arctic in particular. Note the clearly defined channel above the American continent running east-west, as well as a series of Arctic channels running north-south towards the North Pole.

Subjects: World maps

Map Type: Geographical, Political

Dimensions: 36 x 49 cm

Printing Process: Engraving

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: World map with quotations from Cicero and Seneca.

Physical Description: 1 map: colored (hand-applied, outline)

Theme: Dutch Golden Age (17th-18th Century)

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Associated Map Imagery: Sea Monster 1, 1612, Typus Orbis Terrarum, Winged Sea Monster, 1612, Typus Orbis Terrarum, Sea Monster 2, 1612, Typus Orbis Terrarum

Collection/Donor: Smith

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