Freeport Town of Freeport

Collection: Smith Sheet Map Collection

Title: Freeport Town of Freeport

Barcode: 4685

Creator: F.W. Beers & Co.,

Publisher: F.W. Beers & Co.,

Publishing Location: New York

Region Depicted: Freeport, Maine

Date Produced: 1871

Date Published: 1871

Language: English

Subjects: Maine--Maps · Freeport (Me.) · F.W. Beers & Co.

Map Type: Urban, Boundary, Property

Dimensions: 35 x 27 cm

Material Type: Paper

Notes: Upper right corner: "58". Appears in the atlas of Cumberland County Maine, 1871. Includes listings of businesses and residences.

Brief Description: Map of the town of Freeport, Maine, featuring property boundaries and owners.

Physical Description: 1 map, colored, illustrated

Insets: South Freeport Town of Freeport

Theme: Maine Counties and Towns/Cities

Collection/Donor: Smith

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