Visch Baay

Collection: Smith Sheet Map Collection

Parent Map: Septentrionaliora Americae Groenlandia, per Freta Davidis et Hudson at Terram Novam

Title: Visch Baay

Creator: Wit, Frederik de

Publishing Location:

Region Depicted: Disko Island, Greenland · Disko Bay, Greenland · Baffin Bay

Date Produced: 1739

Date Published: 1739

Language: Dutch

Subjects: Disko Island (Greenland) · Disko Bay (Greenland) · Baffin Bay · Nautical chart

Map Type: Nautical charts

Dimensions: Map inset

Printing Process: Engraving

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: Inset map showing Disko Bay, Greenland

Physical Description: Map inset

Theme: From Colonies to Local Control: Mapping North America, 1494 to 1867