Nouveau Mexique

Collection: Engass Sheet Map Collection

Parent Map: Carte d'Espagne et des Principaux Etats Appartenans a Cette Monarchie dans les 4 Parties du Monde

Title: Nouveau Mexique

Title Translation: New Mexico

Creator: Chatelain, Zacharias

Publisher: Chatelain, Zacharias

Publishing Location:

Region Depicted: New Mexico · Arizona · Texas · Mexico · Louisiana

Date Produced: 1705

Date Published: 1705

Language: French

Subjects: New Mexico · Arizona · Texas · Mexico · Louisiana · New Spain

Map Type: Political

Dimensions: Map Inset

Printing Process: Engraving

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: Map representing an area of Mexico and the southwest United States between the Gulf of California and the Mississippi River.

Physical Description: Map Inset

Theme: Dutch Golden Age (17th-18th Century)