Cartouche 1, 1640, Tvrcicvm Imperivm

Collection: Map Cartouche Collection

Parent Map: Tvrcicvm Imperivm

Title: Cartouche 1, 1640, Tvrcicvm Imperivm

Date Produced: 1640

Date Published: 1640

Language: Latin

Description: Title cartouche includes a sultan with a sword sitting on a throne, with figures standing on either side. The woman on the right holds a bow and a sword; the figure on the left is dressed in the armour of a roman soldier and is holding a burning torch, and has one foot on an infant who he has stabbed with a sword. A latin inscription reads "Concordia res parvae crescunt Discordia maximae dilabuntur" meaning "In harmony small things grow in discord great things decay"

Cartouche Elements: Figures, Women, Soldiers, Weapons, Infanticide, Symbolism, Kings, queens, rulers, etc.

Subjects: Kings and rulers · Infanticide · Symbolism