Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: Islandia

Title Translation: Iceland

Barcode: 352

Creator: Plantin, Christophe, Ortelius, Abraham, 1527 -1598

Dedicatee: Frederick II, King of Denmark and Norway, 1534-1588

Publisher: Vrients, Jan Baptista

Publishing Location: Antwerp

Region Depicted: Iceland

Date Produced: 1585

Date Published: 1602

Language: Latin

Historical Context: This is one of the more spectacular maps in the Ortelius atlas, with its vivid depiction of the rugged terrain of Iceland including fiords, mountain ranges, glaciers, and the erupting Hekla volcano. Its most engaging feature, however, is the collection of fantastic sea monsters inhabiting the surrounding waters. Some of them are based on faulty observation or inaccurate descriptions of real creatures such as whales. It is likely that the majority derived from medieval legends, mariners' tales, or outright artistic license. As testimony to their purported authenticity, each of the creatures is assigned an identifying letter keyed to a detailed description on the back of the map.

Subjects: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598 · Plantin, Christophe, approximately 1520-1589 · Vrients, Jan Baptista, 1552-1612 · Iceland · Sea monsters · Imaginary creatures · Maps--Early works to 1800 · Islands

Map Type: Geographical

Dimensions: 34 x 49 cm. on sheet 46 x 56 cm.

Printing Process: Engraving

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Notes: Note in upper left: "Priuilegio Imp. et Belgico decennali A. Ortel. excud. 1585." Note at bottom right: "Illvstris. Ac Potentiss. Regi Frederico II Daniae, Norvegiae, Slavorum, Gothorvmque Regi, etc. Principi suo Clementissimo, Andreas Velleius describeb, et dedicabat." Dedicated to King Frederick II of Denmark. Verso: Text in Spanish. Spanish editions of the Theatrum were initiated by Christoffel Plantin in 1588 showing his loyalty to King Philip II of Spain.

Brief Description: Map of Iceland featuring illustraions of numerous animals, monsters, and landscape features

Physical Description: 1 map: illustrated

Theme: Dutch Golden Age (17th-18th Century)

Associated Cartouche: Cartouche 1, 1585, Islandia, Cartouche 2, 1585, Islandia

Associated Map Imagery: Sea Monster A, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster B, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster C, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster D, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster E, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster F, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster G, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster H, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster I, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster K, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster L, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster M, 1585, Islandia, Sea Monster N, 1585, Islandia, Ambergris, 1585, Islandia, Tree Trunks, 1585, Islandia, Ice Floes and Polar Bears, 1585, Islandia, Volcano, 1585, Islandia, Foxes, 1585, Islandia

Collection/Donor: Osher

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