Cartouche 2, 1579, Romani Imperii Imago

Collection: Map Cartouche Collection

Parent Map: Romani Imperii Imago

Title: Cartouche 2, 1579, Romani Imperii Imago

Date Produced: 1579

Date Published: 1579

Language: Latin

Description: Cartouche encircling a profile of Roma in the upper left of the map. The cartouche features strapwork, a bust, fruit, and garlands. The inscription reads "Roma your name is fated to rule the world."

Cartouche Elements: Strapwork, Garlands, Busts, Fruit, Mythology, Roma (Roman deity)

Subjects: Cartouches, Ornamental (Decorative arts) · Strapwork · Garlands · Busts · Fruit · Mythology · Roma (Roman deity)