Maine State Seal, 1937, Maine State Map

Collection: Map Imagery

Parent Map: Maine State Map

Title: Maine State Seal, 1937, Maine State Map

Date Produced: 1937

Date Published: 1937

Description: Maine state seal sits next to map title at bottom center.

Historical Context: The coat of arms of Maine was adopted by a law of June 9, 1820, three months after Maine's admission to statehood. The law described the arms as "A Shield, argent, charged with a Pine Tree, a Moose-Deer, at the foot of it, recumbent. Supporters: on dexter side, an Husbandman, resting on a scythe; on sinister side, a Seaman, resting on an anchor. In the foreground, representing sea & land, & under the Shield, the name of the State, in large Roman capitals, to wit MAINE. The whole surmounted by a Crest, the North Star. The Motto, in small Roman capitals, in a label interposed between the Shield & Crest, viz. DIRIGO."

Subjects: Emblems · People · Trees · Moose · Stars · Anchors · Scythes · Animals