Plan of Paris and the adjacent country

Collection: Osher Map Library Sheet Map Collection

Title: A plan of Paris and the adjacent country in which is containd a description of the villages, seats, great roads & others, valleys, woods, vinyards, plowd & pasture lands surveyed by Monr. Roussell Capt. Engineer & c to the most Christian king.

Barcode: 50391

Publisher: Rocque, John (approximately 1704 -1762)

Publishing Location: Paris

Region Depicted: Paris

Date Published: 1748

Language: English

Dimensions: 107 x 142 cm folded to 66 x 54 cm

Printing Technique: Copper

Notes: Map titles and dedication are in English and French. Map is dedicated to the King of France who at the time was Louis XV.

Brief Description: Plan of Paris which extends to the countryside. Streets in Paris are delineated and named. Includes historical buildings such as the Louvre, Palais Royal, Notre Dame.

Physical Description: Based on survey by Captain Roussel of the French Royal Engineers.

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