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Troisiéme Partie de la Carte d'Asie [part 2]

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Collection: Smith Atlas Collection

Title: Troisiéme Partie de la Carte d'Asie [part 2]

Title Translation: Third Part of the Map of Asia containing Siberia, and some other parts of Tartary, Published under the auspices of Monsignor Louis-Philippe d'Orléans Duke of Orleans First Prince of Blood [part 12]

Barcode: 1915

Creator: Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782

Region Depicted: Russian Far East · Siberia, Russia · Central Asia · East Asia · Mongolia

Date Range: 1727 - 1780

Date Produced: 1753

Language: French

Subjects: Kamchatka Peninsula (Russia) · Russian Far East · Siberia (Russia)

Map Type: Historical, Geographical

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