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Canada Louisiane et Terres Angloises [part 2]

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Collection: Smith Atlas Collection

Title: Canada Louisiane et Terres Angloises [part 2]

Title Translation: Canada Louisiana and English Lands By the St. d'Anville of the Academy R. l of Inscriptions and Belle-Lettres, and of that of the Sciences of Petersburg, Secretary of H.A.S.Mgr the Duke of Orleans

Barcode: 1915

Creator: Anville, Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d', 1697-1782

Region Depicted: New England · New France · Quebec City, Canada · Casco Bay (Me.) · Gulf of Maine · Falmouth Neck, Maine · Boston Bay (Mass.) · Boston (Mass.) · Portsmouth, N.H.

Date Range: 1727 - 1780

Date Produced: 11/1755

Language: French

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