[Survey of two townships on the Kennebec River, Maine]

Collection: Osher Map Library Sheet Map Collection

Title: [Survey of two townships on the Kennebec River, Maine]

Barcode: 51522

Surveyor: Weston, Samuel

Date Published: 12/10/1790

Language: English

Map Type: Plat Maps, Property

Dimensions: 40 x 33 cm

Notes: Samuel Weston was a Maine surveyor and civic leader, born in Concord, Masschusetts in 1757. He lived in Canaan, Maine and was active in the legislature and held town offices.

Brief Description: Original survey plan was made by Samuel Weston in 1790. The townships are now the towns of Madison and Cornville. After the Revolutionary War, Massachusetts was in debt and selling Eastern lands was seen as a way to provide new economic development. The survey plan shows Township No. 1 subdivided for distribution or sale.

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