Noua Descriptio Hispaniae Pirrho Ligorio Neap, Auctore

Collection: Engass Collection

Name: Noua Descriptio Hispaniae Pirrho Ligorio Neap, Auctore


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Notes: Note: OCLC record lists title as "Nuoa descriptio Hispaniae"- likely a typo that should read Noua. Fol. 30 . Includes binder's mark GG. Verso: Description of map in Latin. Published between 1578 and 1593

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Dimensions: 38 x 51 cm

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Historical Context: From Speculum orbis terrae, published in Antwerp in 1579 by Gerard de Jode, a rival of Abraham Ortelius. Publication of the whole book was delayed until after the maps themselves were first printed in 1578, perhaps because of Ortelius's interference with de Jode's printing privileges. This situation has led to a paradox: de Jode's maps are acknowledged to be inferior to Ortelius's, but the limited production of the Speculum means that de Jode's maps are rarer and so more precious to collectors than Ortelius's maps.

LC Call Number: G6560 .L5 1578

OCLC: 68568152

Accession Number: ENG-1578-6


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