Carte de la France

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Name: Carte de la France


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Dimensions: 65 cm. x 53 cm.

Physical Description: Three volume set of the Carte de la France includes in volume one the 1744 outline map by Jean Dominique Maraldi and Cassini de Thury. The Carte was completed in 1789. It was the first general topographic map of the whole country based on triangulation and topographic surveys. Cesar -Francois Cassini I began the project but he died in 1784. It fell to his son Jean Dominique Cassini IV to complete the survey/triangulation until ownership and control was assumed by the revolutionary government in 1793.

LC Call Number: G5831 .B3 1789 .M3

OCLC: 930610800

Accession Number: OS-1789-2.1