The Magee Carpet Company's World Atlas

Collection: Textile Museum Collection

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Name: The Magee Carpet Company's World Atlas

Barcode: 52722


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Date Published: 1941


Dimensions: 10 x 6 cm

Brief Description: Maps are copyrighted by C.S. Hammond and Company. The Magee Carpet Company was founded in 1890 in Bloomsburg, PA and very likely distributed these miniature atlases. On the front cover is a illustration of World War II fighter planes. Verso: "The Magee way is the American way" with an image of the statue of liberty. The map of Europe indicates with red diagonal lines the German occupations of France, Norway, Denmark and Poland. Date is approximate indicating the year Germany invaded and occupied France.

LC Call Number: G1046 1941.H3

OCLC: 1088411532

Accession Number: ATH-1941-129