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Portland, From Peak’s Island

City of Portland and Vicinity Cumberland Co. Me.

City of Portland Me. General Plan for Park System

Map of the city of Portland, Tower Companies

Plan of Portland Harbour, 1837

Plan of Portland Harbour, 1815

Calculation of the longitude of Portland, 1821; 1831

Longitude of Portland, 1821

The Christian Mirror, Portland; 1824

Chart of Portland Harbour,Islands, and Harbours Adjacent, 1825

The Christian Mirror, 1826

Falmouth Neck : as it was when destroyed by Mowett, Oct. 18, 1775

Plan of Portland, 1831

S.E. view of Portland in 1832, taken from Fort Preble

Map of Portland Harbor Maine, 1833

Plan of Portland : engraved, 1834

Thermometrical record for February 1835 at Portland Observatory

Portland with its Latest Improvements, 1836

Chart of Portland Harbor Maine from a Trigonometrical Survey, 1854

U.S. Coast Survey, Chart of Portland Harbor,1855

Plan of Portland : engraved as a directory, 1856

North America East Coast Bay,1854

Portland Harbour : from the United States Coast Survey, 1854

Preliminary chart of Portland Harbor, 1859

Illustrated London News, Portland; 1859

U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey, Portland; 1862

U.S. COAST SURVEY, Portland harbor; 1866

U.S Coast and Geodetic Survey, Portland Harbor; 1866

Harper’s Weekly Journal of Civilization, 1866

Russell’s New Map of Portland, 1869

City and harbor of Portland Maine, 1870

Falmouth Harbor, 1776

City of Portland Maine, 1871

Sketch of Portland Harbor Maine, 1880

: The siege and capture of Fort Loyall : destruction of Falmouth, May 20, 1690

Map of Portland Me. and vicinity, 1885

Sketch of Portland Harbor, Maine : showing the improvements made in 1866-86

Deering, Cumberland County, 1886

City of Portland, 1891

Top sheet of a map of Portland showing Westbrook, 1900

Insurance Maps of Portland, 1896

Business District of Portland, 1902

Map of Portland, 1902

Bird’s eye view of Casco Bay, 1905

Birds eye view showing Portland, 1909

Road map of the Portland district, 1910

Map of Portland, Me. and Vicinity, 1912

Richards Standard Atlas of the City of Portland, 1914

Map of Portland, Me. and vicinity, 1915

Portland and vicinity, Maine Geodetic Survey; 1916

Portland, Me. and vicinity, 1917

Port of Portland Maine, 1923

Cities of Portland and South Portland, 1926


Portland Maine and some places thereabout, 1928

Portland and South Portland, Maine, 1929

Road map of the Portland district, 1930

Plan of Site of Proposed Post Office Portland, 1931

Machegonne Portland, 1932

Showing the rail and water terminal facilities of Portland, 1933


Portland Maine America’s Sunrise Gateway, 1936

City of Portland, 1939

Portland Harbor United States – East Coast Maine, 1943

East Coast, Maine: Portland Harbor. 1944

Plan of ancient Portland, 1946

Map of the City of Portland, 1946

Portland Harbor, 1949

Rail and Water Terminal Facilities at Portland, 1960

Shopper’s Guide Map of Portland, 1965

Portland weekly rubbish collection, 1917

Bird’s eye view of the city of Portland, 1976

Bird’s eye view of the city of Portland, 1976

????????, Russian; 1990

Maine–east coast, Portland Harbor and vicinity, 1995

Town of Falmouth burnt by Captain Moet, Octbr. 18th 1775

Falmouth Neck: as it was when destroyed by Mowett, 1831

U.S. Coast Survey Chart of Portland Harbor , 1855