Charting Neptune’s Realm: From Classical Mythology to Satellite Imagery

Donald S. Johnson, guest curator

Everyone is familiar with maps and the information they contain, but few are aware of the nautical chart with its special characteristics and iconography. In the absence of land, one piece of water looks like any other, leading one to ask, “what is there that can be delineated on the vast, trackless ocean?” And, “how did this notation arise and develop?” The charts in this exhibit answer these questions.

Lesson plans are now available for this exhibit

A grant from the Davis Family Foundation has enabled the preparation of an interpretative teaching guide for Charting Neptune’s Realm: From Classical Mythology to Satellite Imagery. Targeted to middle-school, junior high-school and high-school levels, the lessons explore several subjects including science, math, art, and history. The seventeen units are self-contained; they include numerous maps and diagrams, historical background, glossaries, and age-appropriate activities. Designed by Maine educators to accommodate a variety of curricula, the lessons are all in compliance with Maine Learning Results.