X. Credits

This website was designed and prepared, from Donald Johnson’s text, by Matthew Edney with the assistance of Tami Christopher and Daryl Sasser.

Exhibition Proper: OML Curator’s Comments

With Charting Neptune’s Realm, the staff of the Osher Map Library has once again been privileged to work with a guest curator whose historical interests, combined with his sailing experience, provide a unique insight into the cartographic collections. We wish to express our deep gratitude to Donald S. Johnson, author of Phantom Islands of the Atlantic (1993) and Charting the Sea of Darkness: The Four Voyages of Henry Hudson (1994), for his sustained commitment and dedication to this exhibition over the past three years. Valuable assistance was given by Dr. Harold L. Osher Professor Matthew H. Edney, and George Carhart. We also wish to thank the staff and student assistants of the Osher Map Library, in particular Tami Christopher, Tim Nason, Daryl Sasser, and Nell Blodget for their help, and Nancy Kandoian of the New York Public Library Map Division for her research assistance. This exhibition has also benefitted from the professional assistance of the staffs of Media and Community Relations and the Publications and Marketing Departments of the University of Southern Maine. The technical assistance of Stuart Hunter and Jay York is also gratefully acknowledged. Lastly, we wish to acknowledge the Friends of the Osher Map Library and W.P. Stewart Asset Management, Inc., whose generous gifts supported the publication of the exhibition checklist and poster.