VIII. Acknowledgements

Support for this exhibition has been provided by generous gifts from Bernard and Barbro Osher, Sam L. Cohen, Peter and Paula Lunder, Peoples Heritage Bank, Scitex America Corporation, and Union Oil Company.

This Exhibition was curated by Dr. Harold L. Osher, Peggy L. Osher, Dan Kyram, Jackie Beecham, and Yolanda Theunissen. Valuable assistance was given by Nitza Rosovsky, Prof. Matthew H. Edney, Rabbi Harry Z. Sky, Sandy Dowling, Prof. Gary J. Johnson, Prof. Craig Dietrich, Prof. Mahmud A. Faksh, Sumner T. and Rosalyne S. Bernstein, Harry W. and Susan D. Konkel, and Daniel E. O’Leary. Translations were provided by Prof. Emerita Gloria S. Duclos and Prof. Yves Dalvet. Explanatory diagrams were drawn by Jacques Chazaud. The professional assistance of Christi A. Mitchell, the staffs of the Media and Community Relations and the Publications Departments of USM, the Israeli Consulate in Boston, and Warren Roos Photography is gratefully acknowledged, as is the technical assistance of Stuart Hunter and Stephen Smith.