XIII. Credits

This exhibition was curated by Dr. Peter M. Enggass, Professor Emeritus, Department of Geography and Geology, Mt. Holyoke College, Yolanda Theunissen, and George S. Carhart. Valuable assistance was given by Dr. Harold L. Osher, Prof. Matthew H. Edney, Dr. Peter van der Krogt, Prof. Günter Schilder, Albert A. Howard, and Alice Hudson. Translations were provided by Yves Dalvet, Professor Emeritus, Department of Foreign Languages and Classics, University of Southern Maine, George S. Carhart, and Uschi S. Carhart. The professional assistance of Wendy Berube, the staffs of Media and Community Relations and the Publications and Marketing departments of USM, and Jay York Affordable Photo is gratefully acknowledged, as is the technical assistance of Stuart Hunter and William Brown.

Financial support for the exhibition has been provided by generous gifts from Prof. Enggass and the Friends of the Osher Map Library.

This web version of the exhibition was prepared by Prof. Matthew Edney, with the professional assistance of Karen Rose and of Susan Goodrich, USM department of Media Services.

On-line, 5 October 1998.