XIII. Credits and Acknowledgments

Exhibition Curators

Dr. Harold L. Osher: Introduction; (2) Classic Treasures; and, (1) What is a Treasure? (with Prof. Edney).

Prof. Matthew H. Edney: (4c) School Geographies; (5) Manuscript Treasures; and, (6) Monumental Treasures.

Yolanda Theunissen: (7) Treasured Gifts (with Prof. Edney).

George S. Carhart: (4a) Specialized Geographies; and, (4b) Public Geographies (with Prof. Edney).

Albert A. Howard: (3) Pocket Treasures.

Daryl Morazinni: (9) Heavenly Treasures; and, (8) Global Treasures (with Prof. Edney).

Site Design

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The exhibition was organized in the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education by Yolanda Theunissen. Valuable technical assistance was provided by George S. Carhart, Tami Christopher, Stuart Hunter, Jay York, and the staffs of the USM departments of Media and Community Relations and of Publications and Marketing.