Peter H. Enggass Collection


The Enggass collection comprises almost 150 sheet maps of the Iberian Peninsula and Spain, and of other Spanish territories, mostly from the period 1486 to 1850, together with some historical atlases and geographies from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The collection is entirely cataloged on URSUS and WorldCat, and digital access is available here.

Peter H. Enggass is professor emeritus of geography at Mt. Holyoke College, Northampton, Mass. He started collecting early maps of Spain, and especially Andalucia, because of his doctoral dissertation on the environmental history of the valley of the River Guadalquivir. He gave the majority of this collection to OML when he first retired and has thereafter continued to supplement the collection. He served as guest curator for the OML exhibition, Maps of Spain from the Enggass Collection (1998-1999).