Judith McCarthy Robbins


Her trips to and from the United Kingdom in April and June 1965 were Judith’s first and only voyages aboard an ocean liner. There were many reasons why someone might have traveled to Europe in the 1960s but Judith was drawn to the U.K. for two specific reasons. First, like many young women of the era, she was a huge fan of the Beatles and consequently she was curious about British culture. Second, she had a passion for British Romantic poets and wanted to visit the landscapes of the Lake District that had so inspired them.

Judith decided to travel aboard the Sylvania because it was less intimidating and costly than flying, and she had romantic notions of ocean travel. Since then, she has traveled to Europe several times by air, an experience that she has described as incomparable to that aboard an ocean liner. If, given the option, she would definitely consider traveling aboard a liner again.

A photograph of Judith aboard the Sylvania (1965).

Judith’s ticket receipt. The price of a one-way ticket from Boston to Liverpool was $209 in 1965 (or about $1,500 in 2012 dollars).

The passenger list from Judith’s outbound voyage aboard the Sylvania en-route to the United Kingdom.

The passenger list from Judith’s return voyage aboard the Sylvania en-route to the United States.