Resource List


The Osher Map Library houses a number of resources useful in the study of military maps. The rare and original collections include both sheet maps and atlases from the American Revolutionary War though World War II. The reference collection at the Osher Map Library offers a variety of valuable resources including maps in facsimile, atlases, books, and other publications useful in the research of military maps and mapping. Please note that most of the reference materials can be found through the University of Maine’s URSUS on-line library catalog.

Rare, Original Materials (a) Sheet Maps

[John Green]. A MAP of the most Inhabited part of New England (London: T. Jefferys, 1768). Originally owned and annotated in ink by General Hugh, Earl Percy. Osher Collection.

John DeCosta. A PLAN OF THE TOWN AND HARBOR OF BOSTON, (London: DeCosta, 1775). 1911 facsimile reproduced from an original print at John Carter Brown Library, by Henry Stevens, Son & Stiles, London. Smith Collection.

Robert Sayer and John Bennett. THE SEAT OF WAR IN NEW ENGLAND, (London: Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1775). Osher Collection.

Robert Sayer and John Bennett. THE THEATER OF WAR IN NORTH AMERICA, (London: Robert Sayer, 1776). Smith Collection.

Robert Sayer and John Bennett. THE THEATER OF WAR IN NORTH AMERICA with the ROADS and A TABLE OF DISTANCES, (London: Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1776). Osher Collection.

A NEW and ACCURATE MAP of the present SEAT OF WAR in NORTH AMERICA, in Royal Magazine, 1759. Osher Collection.

Samuel Holland. THE SEAT OF ACTION BETWEEN THE BRITISH AND AMERICAN FORCES (London: Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1776). Smith Collection.

George Louis le Rouge. THEATRE DE LA GUERRE EN AMERIQUE, in Atlas Ameriquain Septentional (Paris, 1778-1792). Smith Collection; Osher Collection.

Louis Brion de la Tour. CARTE DU THEATRE DE LA GUERRE ENTRE LES ANGLAIS ET LES AMERICANS (Paris: Louis Brion de la Tour, 1778). Osher Collection.

CARTE DE LA PARTIE DE LA VIRGINIE ou L’ARMEE COMBINEE DE FRANCE & DES ETATS UNIS DE L’AMERIQUE a fait prisonniere l’Armee Anglaise commandee par Lord Cornwallis le 19 Octobre 1781 Reproduced by the Library of Congress, under the auspices of the Naval Historical Foundation, 1945. Smith Collection.

John Fielding. A MAP OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, AS SETTLED BY THE PEACE OF 1783 (London: John Fielding, 1783). Smith Collection.


Paul de Rapin-Throyas. ATTACK of the REBELS upon FORT PENOBSCOT in the Province of NEW ENGLAND in which their FLEET was Totally destroyed and their Army dispersed the 1779 by an Officer present. From, Rapin’s Impartial History of England (London, 1785). Osher Collection.

Richard Phillips. A MAP of the Country which was the scene of operations for The NORTHERN ARMY including the WILDERNESS through which General Arnold marched to attack QUEBEC. From John Marshall’s Life of George Washington (Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne, 1806). Osher Collection.

William Willis. FALMOUTH NECK AS IT WAS WHEN DESTROYED BY MOWATT OCT. 18,1775. From The History of Portland, from its First Settlement (Portland, 1831). Facsimile of map from the Collection of Nicholas Noye.

PLAN of the Siege of YORKTOWN IN VIRGINIA (Engraved for Lee’s Memoirs of the War, 1827). Smith Collection.

Rare, Original Materials (b) Atlases

Robert Sayer and John Bennett. The American Military Pocket Atlas. (London: Robert Sayer and John Bennett, 1776). Smith Collection.

Matthew Carey. A General Atlas for the Present War. (Philadelphia: Matthew Carey, 1794). Smith Collection.

John Marshall. Life of George Washington, 5 volumes (Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne, 1804). Smith Collection.

John Marshall. Atlas for Marshall’s Life of Washington. (Philadelphia: C. P. Wayne, 1807). Smith Collection.

John Marshall. Atlas for Marshall’s Life of Washington. (Philadelphia: J. Crissy, 1832). Smith Collection.

Reference Materials

Atlas of Early American History: The Revolutionary Era, 1760-1790 (Princeton: Princeton University Press for the Newberry Library and the Institute of Early American History and Culture, 1976).

Kenneth J. Nebenzahl, Atlas of the American Revolution (Chicago: Rand McNally, 1974).

William P. Cumming and Elizabeth C. Cumming, “The Treasure of Alnwick Castle,” American Heritage XX No. 5 (August 1969).

Emerson D Fite and Archibald Freeman, eds., A Book of Old Maps: Delineating American History (New York: Dover Publications 1969).

Peter J. Guthorn, American Maps and Map Makers of the Revolution (Monmouth Beach, NJ: Philip Freneau Press, 1969).

J. B. Harley, et al., Mapping the American Revolutionary War (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1978).

The American War of Independence, 1775-1783: A Commerative Exhibition Organized by the Map Library and the Department of Manuscripts of the British Library Reference Division, 4 July to 11 November 1975 (London: British Museum Publications for the British Library, 1975).

Douglas W. Marshall and Howard Peckham, Campaigns of the American Revolution: An Atlas of Manuscript Maps (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 1976).

United States, Naval History Division, The American Revolution, 1775-1783; An Atlas of 18th Century Maps and Charts; The Theaters of Operations (Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1972).