Mapmaking Lessons for Young Students (K-2)

  • Using David Sobel’s Mapmaking with Children: Sense of Place Education for the Elementary Years, Lee Urban put together five fun map activities for the first and second graders at Hall Elementary School in Portland, Maine.

Maine Settlement and Moses Greenleaf (3-8)

  • These lesson plans are designed for Middle School students, grades 6-8, and focus on content from the book Settling the Maine Wilderness, by Walter Macdougall, about settlement of the interior regions of Maine in the years following the American Revolution. These lesson plans are adaptable for students as young as 3rd grade.

Advanced Lesson Plans (9-12: Advanced Placement)

  • These lesson plans were designed by Liz Swasey, an teacher with years of experience teaching High School. They are suitable for high schoolers in advanced history courses.

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