George H. Walker Receipt

Collection: Shettleworth Ephemera Collection

Title: George H. Walker Receipt

Barcode: 54309

Publisher: Walker, George H.

Date: 12/06/1883

Language: English

Historical Context: The firm George H. Walker and Company was the most prolific lithograph printer out of Boston from 1882 to 1927.

Dimensions: 8 x 19 cm

Brief Description: A receipt and agreement from George Walker & Company for $65.00 to "sketch, lithograph, and print in our New Atlas of Essex County, Mass. a 7 x 12 view of the residence of Mrs. E.D. Kimball Salem, Mass." Signed receipt by George H. Walker & Co.

Accession Number: EGS-1883-50

Collection/Donor: Shettleworth