Map of New Hampshire and Vermont

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Map of New Hampshire and Vermont


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Notes: 2 maps: left and right halves-left side is Maine and right side is New Hampshire and Vermont; cover of booklet included. Verso of cover: Guide to reading the maps and the regions available in this map series. Verso of map: information regarding New Hampshire and Vermont's history, demographics, geography, etc. Note at bottom of map: "Copyright, 1891, by The Matthews-Northrup Co., Complete Engraving & Printing Works, Buffalo and New York" Plate number in lower right corner of map: "1.92".

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Dimensions: Cover: 14 x16 cm.; 2 maps: each 34 x 26 cm.

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OCLC: 856535201

Accession Number: OS-1891-9



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