Carte de la Baye de Hudson par N. Bellin

Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: Carte de la Baye de Hudson

Alternative Title: Carte du fonds de la Baye de Hudson

Barcode: 53585

Creator: Bellin, Jacques Nicolas

Publishing Location: Paris

Date Published: 1744

Language: French

Map Type: Geographical, Historical

Dimensions: 19 x 14 cm and 21 x 29 cm

Notes: Engraved by Desbrulins, active 18th century.

Brief Description: From: Charlevoix histoire et description generale de la Nouvelle France, 1744 published by Jesuit scholar and explorer Pierre Francois-Xavier de Charlevoix. In 1720 the Duke of Orleans sent Charlevoix to America to record events in New France and Louisiana to determine the best route to the Pacific Ocean.

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