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Manuscript School Geography Composition Book

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Collection: Smith Atlas Collection

Title: Manuscript School Geography Composition Book

Barcode: 2132

Author: Hennell, Robert

Publishing Location: Northampton, England

Date Produced: circa 1809

Language: English

Notes: Richard Comfield (1774-1842) according to research, was "a keen astronomer and a clever mechanic making his own telescopes." Apparently he imbued his students with a love of learning of art and of science.

Brief Description: No exact date given on item, but thought to be composed before 1810. Robert Hennell practiced penmanship, drew the constellations, plants. Includes a projection of the sphere on the plane of the "solstitial colure," oval maps of England, Sweden and Norway, Europe, Spain and Portugal, mostly colored.

Accession Number: SM-1815-2

Collection/Donor: Smith

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/2132.0001