On Modesty, Female Instruction, Birth Day Ode, On Society

Collection: Osher Ephemera Collection

Title: On Modesty, Female Instruction, Birth Day Ode, On Society

Barcode: 53699

Date: 1803

Language: English

Dimensions: 58 x 45 cm or smaller

Notes: Sizes vary. Dates are approimate. OCLC # 1118692861

Brief Description: Set of early nineteenth century penmanship exercises by fifteen year old Abigail Bishop Putnam which include four in ink and watercolor and two in ink only. The earliest calligraphy exercise is dated 1801 followed by one on October, 1802 and a later one in June, 1805. They include a colorful composition consisting of two Doric columns with an arch of roses forming a frame for three sentiments. The other exercises consist of select sentences with floral design; four passages in various scripts about modesty, female instruction, a birthday ode and sobriety. Other sheets include reflections on the seasons and text from a poem. Also included is a short essay on reading. Abigail Putnam attended school in Medford where she created these calligraphies.

Accession Number: OML-1803-5.1

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