Map of the world from the latest discoveries

Collection: Osher Map Library Sheet Map Collection

Title: Map of the world from the latest discoveries drawn by Mary B. Hall.

Barcode: 53740

Creator: Hall, Mary Brooks

Publisher: Hall, Mary Brooks

Publishing Location: Medford, MA

Region Depicted: World

Date Produced: 11/1810

Language: English

Map Type: Manuscript maps

Dimensions: 2 hemispheres each 35 cm in diameter on sheet 56 x 75 cm

Printing Process: Manuscript

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: Manuscript map drawn by Mary Brooks Hall, daughter of Nathaniel Hall, an American Revolutionary War veteran and Joanna Cotton Brooks. Map depicts a late 18th century world view and includes James Cook's voyages. The southern states extend to the Mississippi but don't include Kentucky or Tennessee. Information provided by the dealer suggest that Mary may have worked from an earlier model.

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