Civil War Maps in the OML

The Map Library has many maps and atlases of the American Civl War period. The following is a brief selection. Search Osgood (our online catalog) for more information about these and others from the period.

  • Johnson’s New Military Map of the United States showing the forts, military posts, etc. with enlarged plans of southern harbors [ST-1861-11]
  • Military Map of the United States & territories [OML-1861-13]
  • Phelps and Watson’s Historical and Military Map of the Border and Southern States [OS-1863-10]
  • Johnson’s New Illustrated Family Atlas with Physical Geography and a Chronological History of the Civil War in America [SM-1864-20]
  • Hunt’s Gazetteer of the Border and Southern States: railroad routes, turnpike roads, cities, towns, villages, valleys, rivers, springs, etc….reliable guide for the soldiers [ OS-1864-24]
  • Map of the Seat of War to Accompany the American Conflict [OS-1866-21]
  • Military Maps Illustrating the Operations of the Armies of the Potomac & James, May 4th 1864 to April 9th 1865… [SM-1867-40]

Thanks to Cameron Ayotte for his help in compiling this list.