The Changing Peninsula: Two Centuries of Portland Maps and City Views

The exhibition was curated by Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr., Director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission. Valuable assistance was given by Peter Morelli, Rosemary Mosher, co_founder of Orbis LLC; Harold L. Osher as well as OML staff members George Carhart, Sara Sikes, Roberta Ransley-Matteau and Yolanda Theunissen. The curator particularly appreciates the cooperation of Hilary D. Bassett of Greater Portland Landmarks; Paul Pottle of the Maine Department of Transportation; Nicholas Noyes, Holly Hurd-Forsyth, and Robin Woodman of the Maine Historical Society; Michael Bobinsky and Jessica Hanscom of The Portland Public Works Department; Drew E. Swenson of Swenson & Co.; and Barry Scheff of Woodard and Curran Engineers. The assistance of the USM staffs of the Marketing and Brand Management and Public Affairs Office is gratefully acknowledged as well as that of OML’s Graduate Assistants Angela Connelly, Margaret Dube, Tracy LaMaestra, and Rebecca Lamet. Photographs for Billheads display were created by Richard C. Veit. Additional technical services were provided by Casco Bay Framing, Grapheteria, Graphic Arts Lab, Rayer Fine Arts Conservation, The Signery and Richard C. Veit.

This exhibition is enhanced by the loan of objects from the following collections:

The Architectural Team, Inc.
Curran Engineers
Greater Portland Landmarks
Maine Historical Society
Maine Department of Transportation
Peter Morelli
Dr. Bruce D. Nelson
The Portland Public Works Department
Herbert W. Pratt
Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Swenson & Co.
Kenneth E. Thompson Jr.

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