35. [Islamicate Brass Globe in Arabic]

35. Unknown, c. 1700s
[Islamicate Brass Globe in Arabic]
Smith Collection

Our Islamicate globe (#35) is made of brass and was inscribed in Arabic, as many Islamicate globes were. It labels only the stars, without constellation figures. The signs of the zodiac decorate the horizon ring, and the globe stands in the horizon ring by two small pegs coming out of the celestial poles.

We can assume that this globe is Islamicate because it shares several similarities with other Islamicate globes: it is made of brass, inscribed in Arabic, and mounted in a way that the celestial equator is displayed vertically instead of horizontally. There is no date on the globe, as is the case with many, but we might approximate its style to around the 18th century, even if the globe itself was not created then.