8. Charles Francois Delamarche

8. Charles Francois Delamarche, 1799
Globe Terrestre
Smith Collection: SM-1799-7

Charles Francois Delamarche was one the most successful French map and globe creators of the 18th century. Delamarche took over the workshop of Robert de Vaugondy, another French globe and map maker who was appointed Geographer to the King.

When Delamarche took over the workshop, he decided to market his globes to the
general public, which was usually difficult due to the cost of materials for globe making.
Delamarche avoided this problem by using cheap materials like pasteboard for the globe stands, contrasting Vaugondy’s elaborate stands that were sometimes decorated with gold.

While other globemakers could only sell to an elite and wealthy market, Delamarche could sell his globes at affordable prices for everyday people. The French public, in fact, were increasingly interested in science and astronomy during the 18th century. By feeding that interest with affordable globes, Delamarche helped spread academic knowledge of the stars and the Earth to ordinary communities. Delamarche enjoyed his success and continued globe and map production until his death, after which his son Felix continued the business.

This pair of globes feature a red accent ring on the rims of their stands. This red ring was characteristic of Delamarche’s globes.