2013 International Conference on the History of Cartography

The 25th International Conference on the History of Cartography, under the heading “The Four Elements,” will be held in Helsinki, Finland, 30 June – 5 July 2013. The conference is hosted by the Cartographic Society of Finland, under the aegis of Imago Mundi, Ltd, in close collaboration with several Finnish partner organizations.

Since 1964, the biennial International Conferences on the History of Cartography have been the leading academic conferences in the field. They have been held in: London (1964 and 1967), Brussels (1969), Edinburgh (1971), Warsaw (1973), Greenwich (1975), Washington DC (1977), Berlin (1979), Pisa-Florence-Rome (1981), Dublin (1983), Ottawa (1985), Paris (1987), Amsterdam (1989), Uppsala-Stockholm (1991), Chicago (1993), Vienna (1995), Lisbon (1997), Athens (1999), Madrid (2001), Cambridge MA-Portland ME (2003), Budapest (2005), Bern (2007), Copenhagen (2009), Moscow (2011). The Osher Map Library co-hosted the 2003 ICHC with Harvard Map Collection.

The deadline for the submission of a proposal for a paper or poster presentation is 1 November 2012.

Some travel awards are available from the American Friends of the J. B. Harley Fellowships, Inc. An application for a travel award must be submitted together with the paper or poster proposal.

The deadline for early (and cheaper) registration is 15 February 2013.

For more information, visit the conference website.