Maine-based art pays homage to Bucky’s Dymaxion Map

The large wall on the side of the Osher Map Library bears an etched Dymaxion Map, designed by Buckminister "Bucky" Fuller. Fuller created his wonderful projection from interlocking triangles and squares that (1) can be arranged in complex patterns so as not to prilvilege any one part of the world over others and (2) can be directly folded into a globe-like object (albeit one with flat facets). It is famous among artistic and architectural circles and it was used on the side of the map library by permission of the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

Now, Donna Parkinson of Freeport and Sarah Vosmus of Bowdoin, Maine, have collaborated on an art project -- "Mapping the Air" -- based on the Dymaxion Map. The work is presented by the Kennebec Valley Art Association, at their Harlow Gallery, 45 Memorial Circle, Augusta, Maine.

The installation is described on the Harlow Gallery website. Unfortunately, news of the exhibit only reached us today, the day before the installation is due to close (it runs from November 26th 2012 to January 25th 2013).

h/t Kathryn Edney.