Nebenzahl Lectures: Update

There is much more information about October's 18th series of Nebenzahl Lectures at the Newberry Library, Chicago.

Entitled "The War of 1812 and American Cartography," the lectures will be held on 24-26th October, 2013, and will feature presentations by:

  • Ann Durkin Keating, North Central College
  • Martin Brückner, University of Delaware
  • Scott Stevens, The Newberry Library
  • John Cloud, NOAA
  • Susan Schulten, University of Denver
  • James Akerman, The Newberry Library
  • Imre Josef Demhardt, University of Texas at Arlington

The mapping associated with the War of 1812 has not been well-studied, certainly not by the historiographic standards of the Seven Years' War (French and Indian War) and the American Revolution. But, as the lecture series will demonstrate, the war had a significant impact on the development of federal and commercial cartography in the early Republic.

All interested in the history of cartography should attend!