WWI Era Atlases at the Osher Map Library

  • Europe at war: a  red book  of the greatest war of history: why and how Europe went to battle--men, guns, forts, ships, and aircraft of the warring countries--food supply, finances--the kaiser and other great personalities--stories of Alsace-Lorraine, Kiau-Chau, Kiel canal--maps--effect of the war on the United States. With more than 200 illustrations [ST-1914-22]
  • Atlas of the War: Maps, Plans, Diagrams and Pictures Illustrating the Great War  [OS-1914-14]
  • The New Encyclopedia, Atlas and Gazetteer of the World Edited…World Maps Revised to 1914, War Zones [OS-1914-21]
  • Atlas of the European Conflict, Containing Detailed Maps of the Nations, Pertinent Statistics of the Contending Powers, Analysis of Conditions Leading up to the Present Struggle [ST-1914-76]
  • Atlas of the World and the Great War [OS-1916-9]
  • World’s Greatest War: Maps of Europe , Italy and the Western Front in Detail with Descriptive Text [ST-1918-19]
  • Harmsworth’s Atlas of the World and Pictorial Gazetteer: With an Atlas of the Great War  [GIB-1919-157]
  • The People’s War Book History, Cyclopedia and Chronology of the Great War [OS-1920-27]

Many thanks to USM senior Cameron Ayotte for compiling this list.