атласъ азіатскoй рoссіи 1914


The Russian Imperial Atlas was printed by the Resettlement Department of the Land Regulation and Agriculture Administration in St. Petersburg, authored under the direction of G. Glinka.

This is a spectacular piece written in the Rusyn variant of the Russian language and containing detailed large color maps of the Asian portion of the Russian Empire. The atlas is one of the best examples of pre-revolutionary Russian cartography. It contains more than 70 different maps and charts that cover everything from geography to economic regions and history. It has regional and provincial maps and even shows land tenure immigrants with accompanying explanations. The Atlas has an index containing over 9,000 place names.

One of the reasons the atlas was printed was to demonstrate the overall result of agrarian reforms taking place in Russia at the time, which resulted in sharp rises of agricultural production. Printed in a time of political flux, this atlas was one of the last major works of the Russian empire, before the creation of the Soviet Union.

Russian Imperial Atlas title page