The Pine Tree State
Explore the changes in Maine from the time it was a district of Massachusetts valued largely for its lumber through its transformation into ‘Vacationland’ at the Osher Map Library.

Grade Levels: 3-12

Time Allotment: 45-50 minutes for classroom visits; 75-90 minutes for field trips

Maine Social Studies Standards:
   C1: Economic Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns
   D1: Geographic Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns
   E1: Historical Knowledge, Concepts, Themes, and Patterns


Intended to be completed in the classroom before the scheduled field trip or class visit, the pre-teaching activity will give students some familiarity with the terms, ideas, and visuals, that they will see during the actual visit.

PDF Maine History Booklet for Grades 3-5
PDF Maine History Booklet for Grades 6-8

PDF Answer Key 3-5
PDF Answer Key 6-8

Guided Inquiry Exercise

During this portion of the visit, students will be asked to look closely at twelve to twenty maps that fit within the curriculum theme. Each student will need to find: (1) something they recognize from previous class lessons or from the pre-teaching activity; (2) something they find interesting and want to point out to their classmates; (3) something they would like to know more about.

Examples of Items Used:
(Set of maps will likely vary from visit to visit)

Interactive Activity

OML curriculum themes have optional hands-on activities or group-games that can be done in conjunction with the Guided Inquiry exercise.

PDF Touring Maine Game Board
PDF Touring Maine Game Cards


To schedule, please email Renee Keul at or fill out a visit request form.

*For large groups or groups with a flexible time frame, take a peek at our related partnership program,
Livelihoods & Landscapes of Maine with Portland Museum of Art.

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