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Portland History

  • Link to Portland History Dowloads
  • Uses maps of Portland to illustrate important events and milestones in Portland’s history, including the Revolutionary War and the Great Fire of 1866. It is followed up by an activity booklet that uses additional maps of Portland.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, D1, E1

Travel & Transportation

  • Link to Travel and Tourism Downloads
  • Shows how the development of tourism and different modes of transportation changed maps and history. It starts with tourism in Europe and ends with tourism in Maine. The activity that accompanies this is a map of the United States, which the students complete by coloring in the states they have visited according to how they got there. A 1930’s board game, “Streamlined Train Game” is also available.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, E1

Medieval Maps and Monsters

  • Link to Medieval Maps & Monsters Downloads
  • Uses maps made during the Middle Ages and Renaissance to show the sea monsters and monstrous peoples that explorers expected to find in distant parts of the earth. Includes the Sea Monster Handbook, an activity booklet featuring an image search and space for students to create their own sea monsters, and The Dangers of Exploration, a maze in which students must find a path to the Far East while avoiding entities that medieval seafarers feared.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, D1, E1

Maine State History

  • Link to Maine State History Downloads
  • Shows maps of Maine made in the 1800s and early 1900s to illustrate how the state was settled and developed. The first activity to follow the presentation is a booklet that features early maps of Maine, which students use to answer questions about Maine’s history. Students may use the completed booklet to help them answer trivia questions in the Touring Maine Board Game.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, C2, D2, E1

Projections and Globemaking

  • Link to Projections and Globemaking Downloads
  • Tells the story of the ways the surface of the earth has been depicted throughout history, and how maps came to be the way they are today. The presentation is followed up by a creative globe-making activity that reinforces the difficulties mapmakers face when projecting the 3-dimensional earth on a flat surface. An additional activity using the Dymaxion Map-Globe of Buckminster Fuller is also available.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: D1, E1

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