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Maine State History

  • Link to Maine State History Downloads
  • Shows maps of Maine made in the 1800s and early 1900s to illustrate how the state was settled and developed. The first activity to follow the presentation is a booklet that features early maps of Maine, which students use to answer questions about Maine’s history. Students may use the completed booklet to help them answer trivia questions in the Touring Maine Board Game.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, C2, D2, E1

Projections and Globemaking

  • Link to Projections and Globemaking Downloads
  • Tells the story of the ways the surface of the earth has been depicted throughout history, and how maps came to be the way they are today. The presentation is followed up by a creative globe-making activity that reinforces the difficulties mapmakers face when projecting the 3-dimensional earth on a flat surface. An additional activity using the Dymaxion Map-Globe of Buckminster Fuller is also available.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: D1, E1

Cartography & the Renaissance

  • Link to Cartography & Renaissance Downloads
  • Compares maps made in the Middle Ages to maps made during the Renaissance to illustrate the widespread alterations in European thought. The activity to follow the presentation features fictional journal entries from major mapmakers through history. Students must match the mapmakers with their cartographic creations.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: D1, E1

Colonization of New England

  • Link to Colonial New England Downloads
  • Includes a discussion of the rival powers competing for land in present-day New England and some consequences of that competition. Using a French, British, Dutch, and American maps, this lesson asks the following questions: Why did these countries want land in New England? Who benefited and who was harmed through the European colonization of New England?
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, C2, D2, E1, E2

Colonial South America

  • Link to Colonial South America Downloads
  • Examines European maps of South America and the Caribbean for illustrations of colonial ambitions. By observing the differing views of South America between nations and time periods, students will better understand the events of the continent’s colonization and some its consequences: war, exploration, and enslavement.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, D2, E1, E2


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