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Cartography & the Renaissance

  • Link to Cartography & Renaissance Downloads
  • Compares maps made in the Middle Ages to maps made during the Renaissance to illustrate the widespread alterations in European thought. The activity to follow the presentation features fictional journal entries from major mapmakers through history. Students must match the mapmakers with their cartographic creations.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: D1, E1

Colonization of New England

  • Link to Colonial New England Downloads
  • Includes a discussion of the rival powers competing for land in present-day New England and some consequences of that competition. Using a French, British, Dutch, and American maps, this lesson asks the following questions: Why did these countries want land in New England? Who benefited and who was harmed through the European colonization of New England?
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, C2, D2, E1, E2

Colonial South America

  • Link to Colonial South America Downloads
  • Examines European maps of South America and the Caribbean for illustrations of colonial ambitions. By observing the differing views of South America between nations and time periods, students will better understand the events of the continent’s colonization and some its consequences: war, exploration, and enslavement.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, D2, E1, E2

Colonial Worldview

  • Link to Colonial Worldview Downloads
  • Uses European maps from before the American Revolution to show how Europeans saw the world and its inhabitants. By highlighting images of people, symbols, resources and tools, this lesson asks the following questions: Why did Europeans think colonialism was morally justifiable? Why did they want to colonize? How were they able to colonize so many parts of the world?
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, C2, D2, E1, E2

Grim Side of Thematic Mapping

  • Link to Grim Side of Thematic Mapping Downloads
  • Examines various kinds of thematic maps from the 19th century, including fire insurance maps, disease mpas, and war maps. This lesson asks several questions: Why were these maps produced? How have they been used? What conditions in the 19th century manufactured demand for these maps? This lesson includes a group activity in which students must work together to identify how a disease is being spread in a fictional town.
  • ME Social Studies Standards: C1, D1, E1


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