11. Acknowledgements

Section 11. Acknowledgments


This exhibition was collectively curated and arranged by the following members of the Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education Staff: Libby Bischof (Executive Director), Jess Hovey (Operations and Communications Specialist), Renee Keul (Education Outreach Coordinator), and Matthew Edney (Faculty Scholar and Osher Chair in the History of Cartography). We are grateful to Adinah Barnett, David Neikirk, and Nora Ibrahim for digitizing the materials in the exhibition, and to Bob Spencer and Roberta Ransley-Matteau for processing and cataloguing the materials. We also thank Shawn Martel, our Educational Outreach and Reading Room Assistant, for his knowledge and assistance, as well as for the donation of some of the contemporary materials found in the exhibition. We also appreciate the research and writing assistance from our USM Libraries colleague Tim Lynch, and our Cartographic Reference and Teaching Librarian, Louie Miller.

We are very grateful to Dr. Stephen Hornsby for the loan of selected items from his personal collections for this exhibition, as well as his knowledge and assistance in writing exhibition labels. Thank you also to our wonderful colleague Becky Goodale, recently retired Founding Coordinator of USM’s Kate Cheney Chappell (‘83) Center for Book Arts, for loaning two fantasy maps from her “Insular Harmonies” series, first displayed at the USM Art Gallery in 1993. We are also indebted to the artist Dan Mills for enabling the recent acquisition of one of his works, “Stephen King Maine Story Settings (Actual and Fictional Maine Settings and Places Mentioned in Stephen King Stories, and Thoreau’s Journeys), 2017.” We also thank all of the young Maine student artists who have entered our Illustrated Mapmaking Contest over the years, especially those featured in this exhibition. Recent donations of materials by Noel Kendall and others also greatly enhanced the exhibition.

Mounting an exhibition of this scope (and on such a compressed timeline) would not be possible without the assistance of our preparator, Kevin Callahan, and the Kimball Street Studios team. To them, we extend a tremendous amount of gratitude. And to all of our board members and visitors (both in-person and online)—thank you for your continued support!