Section 10. Fantasy Maps Made by Maine Elementary and Middle School Students


Illustrated Mapmaking Contest History

The Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education has been hosting its Annual Illustrated Mapmaking Contest since the spring of 2016. Almost 800 Maine elementary students have entered maps into the contest since its inception. The maps have a wide variety of subjects, from maps of neighborhoods to maps of outer space, but we have selected some of our favorite maps of imaginary places to highlight in this current exhibition.

Illustrated Mapmaking Contest At-A-Glance

Open to: Maine 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders
Objective: to create an illustrated map of any place, real or imaginary
Judges “Top Twelve” Criteria: Originality, Creativity, Technical Skill, Effort
First Place Prize: $500 for the mapmaker and an additional $500 for the mapmaker’s class
Other Prizes: 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Best in Grades, and Judges’ Choice
Contest Page:

1. Sea Fever
Liam H. of Brooksville (Brooksville Elementary, 5th Grade), 2018

2. Burger Island
Jack C. of Brunswick (Brunswick Jr. High, 6th Grade), 2021

3. Myste
Reuben S. of South Portland (Small Elementary, 5th Grade), 2018

4. Minecraft Village
Evelyn B. of South Portland (Holy Cross School, 4th Grade), 2021

5. Zenastan
Griffin M. of Ellsworth (Ellsworth Elementary, 5th Grade), 2018

6. Wonder Land
Emma W. of Albion (Albion Elementary, 5th Grade), 2017

7. Star Wars Mandalorian
James V. of Old Orchard Beach (Holy Cross School, 6th Grade), 2021

8. Honor Port Islands
Nora B. of Portland (Reiche Elementary, 5th Grade), 2021

9. Skull Island
Django T. of Kennebunk (Sea Road School, 5th Grade), 2019

10. Tiny Isle of Glinishmore
Annabelle G. of South Berwick (Marshwood Great Works School, 5th), 2020

11. Catlantis
Caelea T. of Poland (Elm Street School, 6th Grade), 2021

12. Illumination Island
Emily W. of Gorham (Narragansett Elementary, 4th Grade), 2021

13. Forever Land
Breanna R. of Winthrop (Winthrop Elementary, 5th Grade), 2019

14. Rockwell
Adam L. of North Yarmouth (Greely Middle School, 5th Grade), 2016

15. Unicorn Island
Cassidy H. of Alfred (Alfred Elementary, 5th Grade), 2016

16. Sea Glass Isles
Teddy B. of Cape Elizabeth (Cape Elizabeth Middle School, 6th Grade), 2021

17. Map of Pyrrhia
Delia B. of Greene (Fiddlehead School of Arts and Sciences, 6th Grade), 2021

18. Dragon Archipelago
Adelaide D. of Rangeley (Homeschooled, 5th Grade), 2020

19. Through Harry Potter’s Eyes
Lucy O. of Portland (Longfellow Elementary, 5th Grade), 2019

20. Storyland
Gemma B. of Lewiston (McMahon Elementary, 5th Grade), 2019

21. The Blue Moon Islands
Maya B. of Gray (Fiddlehead School of Arts and Sciences, 5th Grade), 2021

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