Survey, State, Map – Call for Papers

2018 Symposium of the International Society for the History of the Map

21–23 June 2018
Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education, University of Southern Maine


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** the call for papers is now closed **

** please do not use any other process to submit your proposal; aexplanaiton is available for this comment, should anyone be interested. **

We invite contributions on any aspect of the production, circulation, consumption, and curation of early maps and mapping. We understand our keywords as broadly as possible:

• an “early map” is a map that is no longer used for its intended purpose, so that the scope of map history can embrace the recent as well as distant past;
• “map” embraces literary, artistic, and popular works;
• “state” embraces any organized polity, from ancient city states to global empires; and
• “survey” embraces any organized collection of information, whether sociological or cartographic.

Preference will be given to proposals that address two or more of the symposium’s three keywords. Preferred topics therefore include, but are by no means limited to,

• thematic mapping, whether of the natural and social worlds, or both (as in the case of intersections of ethnographic and climatic mapping)
• census mapping
• territorial (topographical) mapping
• boundary mapping
• cadastral mapping
• intelligence mapping

Contributions must be original and not substantially represent previously published work. Contributions will be evaluated according to their quality, significance, and relevance to the symposium’s keywords.

Paper presentations will be 20 minutes.

Contributions might be individual paper presentations, coordinated panels or round table discussions, or poster presentations. We are especially interested in innovative panel structures that encourage interaction among participants. Individuals can submit only one proposal for a paper or poster presentation, but it is permitted for a paper or poster presenter to also participate in a round table or other innovative special session.

Please note that the language of the symposium will be English.

The proposal for a contribution should contain:

• name (first and LAST)
• email address
• institution [not required but helpful]• title
• abstract (250-400 words) in English
note: if proposing a panel, please submit one proposal for the entire panel and proposals for each of the individual papers in a single document; a round-table discussion will likely require a single proposal

Please submit your proposal as a Word (.doc, .docx), RTF (.rtf), or Open or Libre Office (.odt) file, on or before 1 February 2018, or address any questions, to

The ISHM 2018 symposium is underwritten by the Osher Chair in the History of Cartography, University of Southern Maine.