This exhibition was designed by guest curator John Fondersmith to showcase his personal collection, with assistance from Yolanda Theunissen and Matthew Edney (who also prepared the historical section, “Creating the Iconic Map,” and created this online version for the OML website). The staff of OML’s imaging center, Ron Levere, David Neikirk, and Adinah Barnett, digitized selected items from the Fondersmith Collection; the photographs of the original installation used in the online exhibition were also taken by Ron Levere; Roberta Ransley cataloged the materials on display; Katherine Otterson designed and executed the exhibition checklist; Renee Keul created the K-12 outreach activities; USM students Matthew O. Carter and Krista Jamison assisted with research and photography; Stuart Hunter installed the collection.

Special thanks to the following individuals, listed alphabetically, for permission to reproduce select images:

  • Georgia Barnhill and Lauren Hewes, American Antiquarian Society, for Ben Franklin’s 1754 snake image;
  • Michael Bierut for his “American Smile” logo, an illustration originally commissioned by The Atlantic for its 150th anniversary issue in November 2007;
  • Jonathan Blumberg for his 2012 composite map, titled United States of Ushapia, of images of over 100 items from the Fondersmith Collection;
  • Phil Foster for his artwork originally commissioned by The Washington Post in 1993;
  • Ron Grim, of the Norman B. Leventhal Map Center, Boston Public Library, for the 1833 “Eagle Map” and selection of Civil War era cartoons [not included in the online exhibition];
  • The Herblock Foundation for permission to reproduce two political cartoons;
  • Stacy Hollander, American Folk Art Museum, for the 1886 Map Quilt;
  • Carrie Hoppenjans, Wabash National, for the truck mudflap and coffee mug;
  • Robert Ouellette, for his Music Box, created in 2002 to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Thomas Moser;
  • Patty Rhule, Newseum, for information on the Time magazine cover of July 14, 1952;
  • Christophe Vorlet for his selection of political cartoons.