Maine Maps as Symbol


The state of Maine, with its long irregular coastline, has a distinctive shape that is easily recognizable. As with the U.S. outline, Maine’s shape has become a popular symbol. To promote its identity as a destination vacationland, the state outline embellishes a variety of tourist products such as these T-towels, mugs, and T-shirts. Manufacturers capitalize on its “Pine Tree State” designation by choosing a rich forest green color for trivia games that test one's knowledge about Maine facts.

Maine logo - installed

The massive report binder (lower-right) was created in 1959 for a school project with pride of place paramount in its thirty-one chapters. The report is housed between a set of hinged, plywood covers that were custom-cut with a scroll saw into the shape of the state of Maine.

State of Maine Binder - cover

State of Maine binder - perspective